Junior Bowling Trip - Saturday 11th February 2012

As is well known at the Portchester Karate Club Sensei Dave is a very keen "Ten Pin Bowling practitioner" and has gained many trophies over the years. At one of the club "social planning" meetings Dave volunteered to organise a club "junior section" visit to the Fareham ten pin bowling alley. The initial booking was made for 4 lanes to accommodate 24 children. In the event we needed 7 lanes to allow 42 people to play. In addition the club was supported by another 10 parents/instructors who looked after drink refreshments and keeping an eye on the children to ensure their safety.


Each lane was led by an instructor or adult senior member and overall the children thought that the leaders behaved themselves reasonably well. The children were of course excellent!

Sensei's Roy and Merv checking the team members



Out of the chaos emerged 7 teams ready to go.

Having detailed the children off into their various teams the party moved inside where the bowling center staff were excellent in allocating the best lanes for us to maintain a careful eye on the children.

Shoe changing was an interesting experience as several of the 6 year olds were not to sure of their shoe sizes. Something to put on the parental "permission to go forms" for the next visit.



Shoes on and ready to go.



Sensei Lowri leading the older girls and Sean



Bryan with one of the boys teams



Sensei Dave's team



Jodie's team of younger girl's



Richards team



Sensei Roy's "win at all costs" team



 Juliet's team of older members



The older girls team were under way first



 closely followed by Dave's team


 The bowling center staff brought out the buffet refreshments after the first game and suitably refreshed the 2nd game commenced.As yet the overall scores are being worked out on a handicap system by Sensei Dave and will (we hope) be announced at the club.


A special thank you to all the parents, club members and Instructors who worked so hard to make the event a happy occasion for all.












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