Fantastic Four Visit Holland - July/August 2011

Report written, edited and produced by Liam - 1st Dan.








Saturday 30th July

After three long months of hard planning and waiting the day finally came to depart England and head off to the Netherlands for our combined cultural, social, educational and Karate enhancements. (Or so Sensei thought... But we were just after fun)! The day arrived with an early start of nine o'clock (it was after all a Saturday). Callum and I were on time as was Kumar. However the girls, Talia and Tanith were not and decided to be fashionably late arriving at a respectable quarter-past nine. Sensei wasn't keen on wasting time and so we had to have a tour of his famous vegetable garden.


Just as we were leaving Kumar remembered that he had to make a delivery to Sensei Dave.


"It's ok Dave, you don't have to kneel down to me. You're the Black Belt!"


 The Hindhead Tunnel (which had just been opened a few days before) was the first new experience on the holiday.


"No Kumar, we're not going to the castle today!"


Checking in for the ferry was trouble free althought the check-in lady had an obvious soft-spot for Kumar.

The P was for Privelledged passenger.


I had heard stories from previous club visitors to Holland, with Sensei Merv, that on the ferry getting to a certain table and chair in the restaurant was a work of art. No pictures are avaliable as Sensei Merv moved to quick for them to be taken!

The drive from Dunkirk to Groene Hart was uneventful apart from a random race between Callum and I which had me in Stitches of laughter. But that's another story!

Sunday 31st July

The Day started with yet another early rise from Callum and I. After breakfast we visited a neighbour and looked at his fine garden (why are all of Sensei's friends' and neighbours' keen gardeners?)

Guess who was there already? That's right Kumar doing some watering!


Sensei Mervs neighbour, Derek on the right.


After the travelling of yesterday we all thought it a good idea to spend the day on bikes and see some fantastic Dutch countryside.

Kumar Leads the way.


1883 bridge in operation. Kumar meeting friends from last visit.


"I say! These Dutch come up with some funny names! Oh! But it's English!"


"Yes, that's me (your roving reporter) at the back!"


After an hours cycling we arrived at Schoonhoven, the famous Dutch silverwork city. For us it became more famous for the 'potat en mayo' or chips and Mayonaise to us.

"Kumar tucking into my chips!"  

Whilst waiting for the ferry Kumar decided he wanted to practice some Dutch Skydiving. I was only to willing to help!

Kumar takes off!
Come back Kumar!
Kumar in freefall.


"Are you taking the mickey young man?"

After literally twenty-five kilometres of cycling we were all ready for a swim in the outdoor swimming pool. Unfortunately the camera battery decided to die on us whilst trying to capture a picture. Our last picture of the day was luckily a very typical Dutch one!

Yes, a Molen (Windmill) with Geese!

Well, this is the first day of our adventure and for me, the fun of putting this on the website. I am very much looking forward to tomorrow when we plan to visit Archeon which is an outdoor musuem showing Dutch life through the ages.

Signing off for now, Liam


Nederland through the ages - Archeon.

Is an outdoor museum that shows the buildings and life styles through the ages. At he time of our visit there was an international gathering of people role modelling as Roman soldiers, Barbarians and ordinary people of the age.

Trying the helmets on - incredible heavy!


The Barbarians not looking so fierce


Then - there is another side.


Those shields were big and very heavy


Some drill training.


A Tent for eight.




Two men in a boat - going round and round.


The day was rounded off with some training.



Practicing the floor kicks in Unsu Kata.


First move in Nijushi ho.


The return to Holland was for Liam a very nostalgic occassion as he had last visited the dojo some six years ago.

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