Club Adventure Week in South Wales - August 2011

The party departed from the Portchester Community School in White Hart Lane on Sunday 14th August for its annual visit to Wales.

The objective being to accomplish a variety of activities that would appeal to the whole group.



During the break on the journey to Pontypool we were entertained with some stunt flying.



We were once again staying at the Pontypool Travel Lodge which was a good location for our various activities in the following days.

Day one was to be an easy walk up "Sugar Loaf Mountain" However as is well known it rains a lot in Wales and so when the forcast was for heavy, all day long, rain in the mountains, we decided it would be prudent to stay off the mountains and do some sightseeing. As most at Portchester Dojo know, Sensei Merv is a keen student of Roman history and he was overjoyed to discover that only seven miles away was the excavated roman amphitheater of Carleon. Not all of the group were so eager to walk around some old ruins and opted to go swimming instead.


Main entrance to the Amphitheater



Boot camp Roman legionnaire style


In fact the days weather turned out to be very good. Having discovered the Roman Amphitheater it was decided that it would make an ideal early morning training venue.

Day two started with some drizzle but with a weather forecast of clearing quickly we cooked breakfast and were off to climb the "Sugar Loaf Mountain".

Rain or no Rain the troops have to be fed.


At the top and Roy confers with Michael on the best route down.



A good walk and now for some food.


"Why me"


Day three started with some training at the amphitheater. The plan was to leave at 8am.

7.55am and Mick is on the way. 7.58am and even Michael was doing well  



However Roy the "ever ready" was already "ready"


It was a tremendous feeling to be training in the grounds where once gladitorial combat was once taking place.




Combination single arm blocking - Jodan block. Chudan block.
Another Chudan block. Countering with a front leg kick.


The afternoon activity was to be a couple of hours Lazer Tag shooting followed by a fish and chip evening meal at Crickhowell.

 Loading up.


 Intrepid squad leaders.  


Thursday was to be the long walk going around the horseshoe of the brecon Beacons.

Ready for the off.


Every one happy and enjoying the views, but a very cold wind.


Half way up.


The five determined summit walkers starting the final ascent.


Almost at the end of the long walk.


But, Forest Gump style, they kept on walking. Only another mile.


Friday dawned sunny  and it was an 8am start again for the morning training session.

Hungetsu practice.




After the training it was back to the travel lodge for breakfast and then for one group to go to the Llangorse activity center for Horse riding and the others for indoor climbing.

 Another sunny day.


What now? Hanging around!


After all the climbing there's nothing like a cup of tea.


Despite a lot of "bad weather forcasting" we enjoyed very good weather for virtually the whole week. With all of our trips away we seem to have guarenteed good weather. However the journey home was for the first hour in torrential rain and the second part in brilliant sunshine. Not so nice when in a lenghty traffic jam due to a coach breakdown.

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