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 Wednesday 26th March 2014. Junior and Intermediate grades.

 If this is your first visit to the Web site and you are looking for a suitable club then to see some example video's and get a better idea press here


Two Juniors with their Dad's (and Sensei Dave), who have just completed their first lesson.

Same two dads are trying to catch up with their children.

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Portchester Karate Club was founded in 1982

Welcome to Portchester Karate Club’s official website

(Portchester is located between Portsmouth and Fareham, in Hampshire)

Karate, a Japanese developed martial art, which simply means ‘empty hand’, is much more than the art of self defence. The practice of karate develops self confidence, self discipline, a sense of respect for self and others and is an excellent developer of character.  The physical exercises and regular training develops body stamina and strength and helps to maintain good health. Karate is suitable for most people and at Portchester our members range from 6 to 80.

The only way to learn the true art of karate is to practice in a well-established reputable club with instructors who have an excellent knowledge of the art and the ability to teach in a welcoming and friendly manner. This site isn’t intended to be a reference guide for the practice of karate, but it is full of information on the club and how karate is practiced within it.

New members are welcome, and we endeavour to make them feel part of the club in as short a time as possible. If you are interested in trying karate for yourself, or you are one of those many people who have harboured an interest but never found the time, do email or telephone us, or simply come along to one of our sessions and meet the team.

We look forward to seeing you at the club.

Merv O’Donnell 8th Dan

Chief Instructor

Guest Instructor Sensei Malcolm Bradley 4th Dan - Friday 28th November

The very popular Sensei Malcolm Bradley 4th Dan (Chief Instructor of the Newport IOW Karate club) will be visiting the club on Friday 28th November. Classes taught by guest Instructors are "closed" sessions and for the benefit of club members and regular visitors only.

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